Cayman Windows Fall Promotion
Cayman Windows

Casement & Awning Windows

The best choice for many homeowners, providing enhanced performance, increased ventilation abilities, easy cleaning hardware, and energy efficiency.


Spring Loaded Screens

Spring loaded screens allow for easy install and removal of your screens

There is no need to mess around with little pins that may get lost

Fold Away Casement Handles

Nesting handles allow for a sleek and minimalist look and leave maximum room for blinds, shades, shutters, and drapes.


Casement and awning windows allow for the most amount of window venting without being obstructed

Multi-point Locking

Our high performance multi-point system locks our casement and awning windows at several spots with the use of just one handle giving maximum security and sealing.

EnerEDGE Warm Edge Spacer

Silicone warm edge spacer between the glass that offers efficiency, comfort and thermal performance to your windows.

Energy Advantage C - Low-E Glass

A revolutionary pyrolytic Low-E coating that allows passive energy from the sun to enter the home while preventing heat loss.


Colour Options

Multiple interior and exterior colour options to choose from making it easy to find a colour option that suits your house.

Triple Glazed

Triple glazing your windows will allow for increased energy efficient in your windows

Internal Grilles

Add internal grilles to your windows to create a custom look within your windows

Simulated Divided Lites - (SDL)

These surface mounted grilles offer a much more authentic look when compared to a traditional internal grille.

Cayman Windows Fall Promotion

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