Useful Tips about Custom Doors &Windows

Cayman understands there may be a number of reasons why you may need to replace your windows &doors. It is a critical decision to make and you want to ensure you are getting best value for your project costs.

Health &Comfort

You want to provide the best quality and comfort to your family in your home. Some family members may have allergies. Windows and doors which do not perform may cause unsightly &unhealthy moulds. Improving this can correct or reduce risks to serious long term health impacts.

Planning Saves

Windows are not something you buy every day! You need to approach the buying process systematically to ensure you get what you want for the best value. If you do, you may never have to buy them again.

To start the process, discuss your needs between yourselves. What are you replacing? What is your schedule? What is your budget? Is financing required? What are the "must have" points for decision making?

When choosing your replacement doors and windows, consider quality, design flexibility and the reputation of the manufacturer. The number one attribute you should look for in a replacement window or door is quality. The second and equally important aspect of the window and door project is the installation. Many deficiencies or product failures are in fact a result of the installation and not the product itself.


Possibly the most compelling reason to change a door or window is performance. On top of testing your patience, windows and doors that stick are not giving you the optimum benefit in terms of convenience and efficiency. Performance is also tied to safety-if doors or windows are not opening properly they can be a safety hazard.

Energy Efficiency

Check for drafts around doors and windows. If you have a draft this can be one of the biggest drains on the energy efficiency of your home. Drafts add up to real dollars on your heating and cooling bills so this, for many people, may be the reason to replace their windows or doors.


Older windows and doors require maintenance -- scraping, painting and caulking. Newer windows and doors feature low maintenance cladding, a protective exterior covering that requires minimal maintenance. Many newer windows also make cleaning easy with convenient tilt features or new designed hardware that allows you to wash them from inside your house.


Curb appeal is vital if you're selling your house and a satisfying lifestyle enhancement if you plan to stay in your home for years to come. Updated windows and doors not only improve energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs, they make your house look more appealing as well.

Quoting Process

When you have decided on these basic but critical decisions look to choose which companies will provide a quote. We suggest no more than 3 because "more is not always better". For your peace of mind consider only companies that manufacture, install and service their own product in order to eliminate the middle man and reduce the risk of confusion for service in years to come. Secondly, select manufacturers that offer Energy Star products. This will ensure the product has been manufactured and tested to defined quality standards. Lastly, select companies which install with their own staff. Many claim to do so, but the majority hire subcontractors to avoid costs. This may be seen to benefit you; however, you may inherit personal liability and no accountability service issues.

Schedule your 3 companies to quote separately. All decision makers should be present to get the best value from the discussions. Commit the time! You are spending your money! Focused time spent now will pay off and save you in the longer term. If you are buying solely on price you are not meeting your own needs for obtaining overall value.

Quote meetings are fact finding missions. You should be advised of ideas, options, limitations, concerns, solutions. Anything less is unacceptable. Use the Listen, See, Feel and Touch rule at these sessions. Let your senses guide you! If a company says they have Workman's Compensation, ask to see the valid Clearance Certificate. Review the Insurance policy and confirm $3,000,000.00 liability exists. If it is not present, you as the property owner may be liable for the crew onsite.

Receive a detailed written quote! Be wary of a bottom line price on the back of a business card with no details. Be sure you know the type of windows you are getting. Ideally you will see a sample of the product you are purchasing. At Cayman Windows &Doors we encourage customers to visit the showroom and tour the factory. Experience shows that after the tour and visit you are much more informed and able to make a proper decision on your project needs.

Quote Comparison

Faced with 3 quotes to review, ensure you are comparing apple to apples. Often a quote covers retrofit replacement and the next is frame out. This is apples and oranges and not a true comparison. You will find there are a multitude of discounts offered throughout the industry. If you see a discount of 20 - 50%, be careful. You need to compare the net price to you. Companies offer free upgrades to entice you. Do you need the upgrade? Does it add value to your project or simply add marketing confusion?

People may overlook the relationship with the representative. If a salesman is pushy and in a hurry, that may be a relationship you wish to avoid. If they are competent, attentive and pleasant to deal with, this is a relationship you want for the long term. You must be confident in their honesty and integrity.

Customers want and care about service. Be sure to see a written copy of a warranty. Understand limitations which may apply. Many firms offer a warranty which allows them to abandon their product and work as time progresses. That is not service!

The Commitment

Before you commit, review the details of the project. Confirm your original project needs have been met. Aside from the price, confirm things such as style, colour, replacement strategy, finishing, grids and who hauls away the debris. Confirm there are no additional charges during the installation. Credible companies will complete the work for the quoted price. Lowest price organizations may get the job and then escalate prices with changes to the work. At that point you have no reasonable way out.

Sign a detailed contract. That contract should protect you as well as the company if issues should arise. The better the contract detail, the easier to interpret it as the project progresses.

We believe customers are the lifeblood of the company. Ensuring your specific needs are met supports our business objectives as well. We would be honoured to be considered in your project planning! Following the process will make your renovation a positive experience!

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