Frequently Asked Questions about Windows &Doors

Q. Are your windows really made locally?

A.  Yes, our factory brings in all the raw and semi-finished materials to Brantford on Middleton Street. Here, our trained and committed staff members assemble products to your exacting specifications, ensuring that windows fit snugly and doors are airtight.

Q: I have heard horror stories about people getting windows put in where the installers seem to care less about whether the job is done right. Sloppy workmanship, indifference, being late and it goes on and on. Is Cayman the same as all others?

A.  When you buy through Cayman Windows &Doors you will start with a project consultant who is your contact throughout the whole job. When you have a question or a concern, this is your person to work with. Our installers are full time employees. This means that they are motivated to do a good job rather than a fast job. We make arrival and job completion commitments that are realistic and work for both parties to our contracts. We need to satisfy you so that you will tell others that we are different; that we are genuinely better. Future sales depend on current customers' satisfaction. We want you to be delighted with your windows and doors.

Q. What if there is a problem after the window or door is installed?

A.  There is nothing more important to us than to have you happy as a customer. The job is not completed until you are satisfied with our work. Our reputation relies on your satisfaction. We will come back and make it right if there is a problem. This rarely happens, but it does not mean it could not happen. We stand behind our product. We will make it good. Call us should you have a problem of any kind.

Q. We have a unique shade of brick and siding. Can your window frames be made to match our colours?

A.  We have the ability to do a computer colour match, picking up any colour you need. Window and door trim colours will be identical to your exterior treatments.

Q. Our house has some pretty unique door and window sizes. Can you custom make some windows and doors to suit our particular need?

A.  The answer to this question is yes. Our project consultant will come out to your home and take measurements of every window and door that is to be replaced. Our factory will then build your window and door to suit.

Q. When our windows and doors get made, can we come to the factory to see how they are made?

A.  We invite anyone to come to the factory/showroom to examine the quality of materials and workmanship brought to the manufacture of our products. We believe that when you see how we do it, your mind will be made up that Cayman Windows &Doors is the only choice for you. We are proud of our modern manufacturing facilities and the people who make the product. Ask our employees what they think...speak to them directly.

Q. When you make a promise date, do you stick by it?

A.  Our project consultant will work with you in deciding a reasonable delivery and installation time frame. We aim to be good on delivery dates and installation times.

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