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Environmentally Safe &Effective Windows &Doors in the Brantford Area

Cayman Windows &Doors takes pride in its operations and recognizes the importance of preserving the environment.


  1. Upgrade our truck fleet to more efficient and cleaner fuel
  2. Through scanning and electronic databases move to a paperless system
  3. Through optimizer software reduce production material waste
  4. Implement maximum power shut down when closed to reduce energy waste
  5. Use of motion/sensor lights for external illumination as required
  6. Manufacture and install only energy efficient products, saving energy &reducing greenhouse gas
  7. Consolidated all business processing to single machine reducing energy and product consumption
  8. Eliminate/minimize product packaging on all shipped orders, reducing waste requirements
  9. Optimize route planning for vehicle fleet reducing fuel consumption and road traffic wear


We have partnered with Habitat for Humanity® and enjoy helping a reputable and worthwhile cause as well as supporting our green plan.

  1. Habitat for Humanity trucks visit our site weekly for products which they can use or sell in their ReStore before we would dispose of it
  2. End of line or stock product is donated to Habitat for Humanity for them to sell in their Restore for use in their home builds
  3. We turn non-confidential paper into notepads for reuse internally


  1. Glass off cuts are collected and shipped away in bulk for recycling
  2. Vinyl off cuts are collected and shipped away in bulk for recycling and used to make other construction materials
  3. Cardboard is collected and hauled away in bulk to the local recycling centre
  4. Aluminum is collected and shipped in bulk for recycling

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